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3 Ways to Make Your Back-to-School Campaigns Customer-Centric

By: Denise DeSisto on July 12, 2017

Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

You or your children have been out for summer break for a couple of weeks now. You are surfing the web or your smartphone for some fun summer things to plan when… you begin to see ads promoting backpacks and notebooks!

Strengthening Your Email Marketing: 3 Tips for an Effective Repurchase Series

By: Nick Godfrey on July 5, 2017

Email marketing is like going to the gym. You get stuck in the same routine, and get complacent with the results. Unless you’re being strategic about how you’re working out, then it’s not going to provide any sort of benefit or payoff. By making small changes, either at the gym or in your email strategy, you can see a huge change in your ROI.

4 Reasons to Go Digital

By: Nick Godfrey on June 28, 2017

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal discusses luxury brands’ digital transformation, an industry typically known for high-quality, high-glossy magazine ads. In “Magazine Ads Go Out of Fashion” (Appeared in print on June 10, 2017), Matthew Dalton highlights the transition of luxury brands’ advertising model from print magazines to digital. Gone are the days of Vogue, Marie Claire, or Glamour being filled with glossy advertisements for luxury products. Luxury brands like Gucci, Prada, and Louis Vuitton are seeing the benefits of allocating part of their budget to digital advertisements and social media.

Humans of CP – Jenny Lum

By: Katie Gardner on June 21, 2017

In this month’s Humans of CP, we’re speaking with Jenny Lum, our Marketing Analytics Team Lead. Jenny graduated from Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania with a degree in psychology, and has been part of the CP team for 7 years. Today, we’re chatting with her to learn more about her position, and her interests outside of the blue and orange walls.

4 Tips to Analyze Your Customer Data

By: Paul Welsh on June 14, 2017

We are living in the age of Big Data, where 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created each day. Data comes in every form and tells us everything we need to know about customer shopping habits and preferences, and retail marketers can and should use this data to create a better shopping experience. Customer data allows retailers to see a customer’s browsing and purchase history, send personalized emails, or check out a customer’s loyalty rewards, just by collecting information as the customer shops.

NYC Marketer Roundtable Roundup: “One”

By: Millie Park on June 7, 2017

Customer Portfolios recently hosted our 2nd Marketer Roundtable in NYC. The theme of this half-day event was “Personalization: Online + Offline.” The focus of discussion was how to personalize customer communications across all channels. Specifically, our presenters and attendees discussed how brands can (and should) merge online and offline data to feed consumer insights, define marketing strategy, and drive personalized touches.

3 Questions to Strengthen Your Email Personalization

By: Nick Godfrey on May 31, 2017

Email marketing is like going to the gym; everyone does it, but not everyone does it well. We get stuck in the same routine just going through the motions, with no thought of our return on investment. By making one small change, either at the gym or in your email strategy, you can see a huge change in your RoI.

Humans of CP – Jared Lazzaro

By: Katie Gardner on May 24, 2017

In this month’s Humans of CP, we’re speaking with Jared Lazzaro, our director of product development. Jared graduated from Colby College, and is a proud Colby Mule. He has been working in “The Bullpen” at CP for 11 years. Today, we’re chatting with him to learn more about his position, and his interests outside of the office.

3 Tips For Turning Your Marketing Database into a Customer Experience Tool

By: Denise DeSisto on May 18, 2017

 For any brand, customers are undoubtedly the most important part of the business. Brands need to give their customers personalized communication and seamless experience, to keep them loyal and driving revenue. The best tool to have for a great customer experience is a detailed, organized marketing database.

6 Tips to Strengthen Your Email Marketing: Welcome Series

By: Nick Godfrey on May 10, 2017

Email marketing is like going to the gym; everyone does it, but it requires work to do it well. We get stuck in a routine, and continue to go through the motions whether we see a return on investment or not. We know that one small change will help increase your ROI, both at the gym and in email marketing.

This is the second installment of a five-part blog series to help you make these small changes in your email marketing routine. As a warm up, you can find part one here.

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