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Johnston & Murphy: Customer Experience Redefined By Data


Marketing is undergoing a sea of change.

Below the surface, there are marketing technologies that are collecting and analyzing customer information, giving marketers more insight than ever before about their customers.

Above the surface, customers and brands are seeing the output of this change. From the perspective of the brand, the proliferation of channels and devices has given them the ability to connect with customers from a number of different channels. As a result of gained accessibility, customers now expect brands to be able to provide them with what they want, when they want it, how they want it.

In an effort to manage against customer expectations, marketers are rethinking their engagement strategy and altering their communications and marketing strategy to better serve their customers with relevant and timely information to help move them along the buyer’s journey.

As a leader in the retail space, Johnston & Murphy is ensuring that its marketing evolves with the changing landscape to meet the demands of today’s customer. As such, the retailer enlisted the services of its marketing technology partners.

Enter Monetate and Customer Portfolios. Johnston & Murphy is partnering with them below the surface to deliver a seamless customer experience through targeted communication tailored to each customer whether they engage with the brand online or in-store. How?

Meet Mark, who is a current Johnston & Murphy customer. Mark receives an email from Johnston & Murphy promoting the newest addition to the Oxford shoe family. If we place ourselves in Mark’s Johnston & Murphy shoes, there are only three possible actions he can take. He can:

• Perform the desired action (i.e., read an email about shoes and then purchase shoes)
• Perform NO action at all (i.e., not open an email or open an email but not click)
• Perform a different action (i.e., read an email about shoes but then purchase a shirt or a tie)

Transactional, e-mail open, and email click-through data can help to determine if the first or second action occur and pending the outcome, the impact the email had with its target audience. What is much harder to determine is the impact the email communication had on Mark if he clicks-through but he performs a different action. However, by combining website behavior data from Monetate and email open and click-through and transactional data from Customer Portfolios, Johnston & Murphy is able to know the complete path to purchase and as a result, determine the impact and salience the marketing communications strategy has on each customer.

By being able to derive why each action occurred, marketers have the insight they need to create an enhanced customer experience. Johnston & Murphy can deliver customers with targeted messaging and personalized offers based on their previous engagement with the brand. This in turn fosters a deeper connection with customers and help move the relationship from being on based on transactions to one built on engagement.

For more insight into how Johnston & Murphy is using data to improve the customer experience, join us at Monetate Summit on May 20!

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