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Competing for Attention with So Many Different Channels


I recall an interesting article in the WSJ had a great headline that made one read it: Here’s Why You Won’t Finish This Article. Much to the chagrin of the author, I did finish the article but I will spare you from doing the same. The gist of it was that today the workplace has many, many distractions to keep an employee from getting their work done, from being productive and from being able to think. This is spot on! It has taken me ½ an hour to get these 4 lines done because of distractions.

My thinking here is less of an employer or an HR person but rather as a marketer. If I’m trying to reach customers today at work or out in the marketplace, I’m competing against phones, texts, tweets, computers, and many other things; all of which are distractions. As a customer centric marketer, I want to be able to see how my customers are interacting with my brand and when/where they are doing it. If I have a customers that is interacting consistently through a single channel then I have a good chance of analyzing their behavior, then, in turn, responding. But we know customers don’t do this. Most often customers are interacting through many, if not all the channels available. And as new channels are added, so they will use more channels of distraction.

The really big problem is that these channels are often siloed channels of distraction. A recent example is the addition of mobile apps for product review and purchasing. This is very cool. A place where customers like to make impulse purchases – great! A place where it is impossible to match up behavior to any other channels – not so great!

To make this work, all the different channels need to be integrated into a single Marketing Platform. Without this, there is nothing but bright shiny object distractions. Perhaps I’m reading too much into a good article. Why don’t you check it out and see for yourself. Let me know if you agree with my point of distraction.


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