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NYC Marketer Roundtable Roundup: “One”

By: Millie Park on June 7, 2017

Customer Portfolios recently hosted our 2nd Marketer Roundtable in NYC. The theme of this half-day event was “Personalization: Online + Offline.” The focus of discussion was how to personalize customer communications across all channels. Specifically, our presenters and attendees discussed how brands can (and should) merge online and offline data to feed consumer insights, define marketing strategy, and drive personalized touches.

5 Mottos from Mom about Preference Centers

By: Millie Park on April 26, 2017

Q: Do I really need an email preference center?

A: Go ask your mother.

When asked about preference centers, my response brings me back to some childhood teachings from my parents:

  • Just because everyone has one, doesn’t mean you should, too.
  • Don’t save it. Use it. (unless we were talking about money)
  • Treat others like you’d want to be treated.
  • You’re more likely to get a ‘yes’ if you ask nicely. (unless we were talking about money)
  • Be careful what you ask for.

4 Key Takeaways from Customer Portfolios Marketer Roundtable

By: Millie Park on March 15, 2017

#CPTransform17 is in the books!

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