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Personalization Is Key For In-Store Experience

By: Katie Gardner on September 23, 2016

Think about the last time you visited a store. How were you treated when you walked in the store? How was the experience? If I were a betting lady, I would guess the experience was pretty unmemorable. A faceless in-store associate asks the faceless customer, if they need any assistance. That is likely the end of the encounter. What an underwhelming experience.

When Augmented Reality Meets the Retail World

By: Katie Gardner on July 15, 2016

Last Thursday, Nintendo took the smartphone world by storm with the release of Pokémon Go. For those who don’t know what the hype is all about, Pokémon Go is an app-based game that uses augmented reality incorporated into every day life. For example, here’s Pikachu hanging out on the streets of Los Angeles.

Holiday Trends That Every Marketer Needs to Know

By: Katie Gardner on November 18, 2015

Despite the fact that holiday commercials have been streaming since November 1 and stores decked their aisles before Halloween was over, the official start to the holiday shopping season begins next week. Once people recover from their Thanksgiving food coma, the search for the hottest products, deals, will begin.

How Brands Can Use Email to Capitalize on Birthdays

By: Katie Gardner on July 24, 2015

Yesterday was my birthday and in addition to receiving one Facebook notification after another, I received plenty of birthday love from some of my favorite brands. In the world of website registration, it has become a common practice by brands to ask general demographic information. More savvy brands take it one step further and ask for your birthdate. Why? It gives brands another point of engagement and opportunity to build a connection with you. However, even though some brands utilized the “birthday email” as a way of engagement and tried to illicit me, the consumer, to take action some were more successful than others. Below are two examples on both ends of the spectrum.

A Marketer’s Summer Reading List

By: Katie Gardner on June 3, 2015

After surviving a record-setting winter, it is safe to say that the city of Boston is due for a reprieve consisting of 90+ beach days this summer. To help ensure that your beach bag is packed with the essential beach reads, we have complied a list of books that should be on every marketer’s reading list.

A Day in the Life – Account Director Edition

By: Katie Gardner on May 6, 2015

Meet Beatrice, she brings over a decade of client service experience. She sat down with CP blog to share a day in the life of an Account Director extraordinaire.

Highs and Lows of Using Technology to Drive Customer Engagement

By: Katie Gardner on April 15, 2015

Businesses that are looking to grow sometimes fall victim to chasing the next bright, shiny object. It is easy to see the appeal. These emerging technologies have the potential to be the next great platform and as early adopters, brands can position themselves as innovate leaders in their desired space.

How To Reduce Your Unsubscribe Rate Among New Customers

By: Katie Gardner on January 27, 2015


Capture Customer Information by Exchanging Value

By: Katie Gardner on January 14, 2015

It used to be called barter. Today, it’s a transaction. I can give you an apple and receive a pear in return. Or I give you a $1 for a glass of lemonade in return. But the only reason this system works is because there is a perceived value attached to both ends of the exchange, and the values are matched. You have a pear but want an apple; the apple is more valuable to you than a pear. I want the pear but have an apple; the pear is more valuable to me.

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