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4 Marketing Strategies for the Age of the Consumer

By: Katie Gardner on October 18, 2017

The marketing landscape has changed drastically since Peppers and Rogers released One-to-One Marketing in the 1990s. We are evolving from marketers who tell consumers what they want, to marketers who must listen to consumers and respond based on their needs. Marry this evolution with the growth and convergence of MarTech and AdTech, better known as MadTech. MadTech has left many marketers struggling to find the best tools and strategies to reach consumers and send personalized messages that will encourage them to purchase and grow their relationship with the brand.

4 Steps to a Crystal-Clear Customer View

By: Paul Welsh on October 13, 2017

This has been the year of the omnichannel shopper, and with the upcoming holiday season, that trend will only continue. In fact, over 56% of customers plan to shop in a department store this year, and nearly 57% plan to shop online, per the NRF Holiday Headquarters. Customers want a seamless experience, especially during the stressful holiday season, and the brands that create an easy experience will be the ones to grow customers and revenue. To create a seamless experience for customers, brands need to have a clear, single, customer view.

How to Speak CP – Part II

By: Augie MacCurrach on October 4, 2017

Learn the lingo of our analytical and marketing experts…  

How to Speak CP – Part I

By: Augie MacCurrach on September 27, 2017

Learn the lingo of our analytical and marketing experts…

Humans of CP - Denise DeSisto

By: Katie Gardner on September 20, 2017

Marketing trends and technologies are constantly changing, and Denise DeSisto’s thirst for knowledge keeps her at the forefront of the latest trends. As Customer Portfolios’ VP of Marketing Automation and Product Innovation, Denise ensures our clients have the most up-to-date tools they need to create impactful marketing campaigns. Today, we’re chatting with Denise to learn more about her role at CP and her interests outside of the blue and orange walls.

Portfolio Pathing – Planning Your Road Trip for 2018

By: Denise DeSisto on September 14, 2017

The air is starting to get crisp in New England, which means the leaves are turning and leaf peepers are starting to plan their routes for weekend road trips. Similarly, marketers should be looking past the holiday season and starting to plan their road trips for 2018. There are many ways to go about this, but we believe that putting the customer in the center of all your marketing activities should be the starting point that will lead you down a path to generate the most incremental revenue.

3 Questions to Determine if You Are Ready for a Loyalty Program

By: Paul Welsh on September 6, 2017

Our data shows that on average 75% of customers never make a second purchase. That means most customers are one and done shoppers. One way brands attempt to address this is by creating a loyalty program to increase the number of repeat customers. However, jumping into any loyalty program without thinking about your customers and business goals can lead to a lot of wasted time and money.

6 Best Practices For Reactivating Lapsed Customers

By: Denise DeSisto on August 24, 2017

I recently received an email from Boston-based company Drizly encouraging me to come back and place another order on their app. From the Subject Line down to the $5 coupon code at the bottom of the email, I could tell they wanted me back. They used my name in the subject line, and encouraged me to spend by offering a $5 coupon. They even included a summertime visual to make the email more timely. The email was short, sweet, and to-the-point, and including everything a reactivation email should include. The email was effective; particularly the coupon code MISSYOU. In the case of Drizly, they nailed the reactivation campaign, but how can other brands leverage reactivation tactics to capture lapsed customers? Below are six best practices to help you create a reactivation strategy that reaches more lapsed customers:

What I Did This Summer: Back-to-School Survey Results

By: Katie Gardner on August 22, 2017

While students were on summer vacation, we were busy gathering information for the back-to-school shopping season. We surveyed 5,000 consumers about their back-to-school shopping habits and whether those habits changed from last year. Take a look at the infographic to see our survey results, and check out our press release and blog post for more details about how marketers can use this information for future campaigns. 

Strengthening Your Email Marketing Part 5 – Feel The Burn & Incorporate Email Into Your Marketing Strategy

By: Nick Godfrey on August 16, 2017

We have finally reached the end of our workout. Congrats! This is the final part of a five-part blog series that gives strategic advice on how to optimize your email marketing strategy to attract and retain customers. For a quick refresh and warm up, check out parts one, two,  three, and four.  

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